Caring For Transplanted Sod

29 December 2014
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When you need a new lawn in a hurry, sod is a good way to go. Sod will grow in within a couple of weeks, so you can go from no grass to backyard barbecue in no time. However, if you don't take proper care of your sod, all the money you spend to beautify your yard will wilt under the noon sun. The good news is that taking care of your sod is easy if you follow the right protocols. Read More 

Prescription For An Eco-Friendly Backyard

30 October 2014
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Many yards are environmentally unsustainable and ill-maintained. Breathe new life into your backyard in order to make it a more enjoyable space for yourself and to improve the environmental health in your area. Eco-friendly solutions include: Prescription #1. Create A Compost Pile Though it may sound like a stinky idea, a compost pile will actually improve the health of your yard. Tuck the pile away from your living space among trees or plants to reduce odors. Read More