What Well Drilling Services Need To Know About Your Well Location

22 December 2020
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While drilling a well for your home can have a high upfront cost, you will be able to save money in the long run because your well will allow you access to water with few expenses. You may need to service your well pump and pay to have your water sanitized but you'll otherwise have water for free. However, you'll need to determine where you will have your water well drilled. 

Learn About Previous Wells That Have Been Drilled On Your Property

Fortunately, there will be state records that will indicate whether water was drilled in your area and whether they found water. You will be able to call to access these records and you may also access them online. You will be able to learn about the depth of the water table and any confined aquifers. 

Confined aquifers are more difficult to drill into because they are covered by a non-porous layer. You will ideally want to conduct this research before you purchase a home in case you want to find out which property would be the most well-suited for drilling a well. 

The easiest location to drill a well is when you have a reservoir. However, this is an uncommon situation and will make drilling for water difficult but not impossible with a great well drilling service.

Groundwater Depth

In some cases, the groundwater can be very close to the surface while in other cases it can be very deep. You will want the well drilling service to be drilling at least 30 feet down. If you do not drill deep enough your water might be contaminated. Also, you will not want to drill for water in a marshy and wet area. 

Local Requirements

Make sure that there are no permits required to drill for water. However, if you hire a well drilling service, they might handle all of the permit requirements for you. You will also need to determine if there are any utilities in the way before you can begin drilling. Contact the local utility company to find out if there are any service lines that cross your property. 

The drilling company will need to find out if there are any septic systems, sewer lines, or old cisterns that might be disrupted by the well drilling operation. Once they determine that nothing might be damaged by their well drilling operation, they will be ready to go. 

Contact a well drilling service for more information.